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Tuesday, 02 January 2007 01:08


Player attempts backhand stroke
Badminton players try to hit a shuttlecock onto the ground of their opponents' half of a court

Badminton, played with a racquet and a shuttlecock - a device made of rubber with a crown of feathers - is officially the fastest racquet sport in the world. Shuttlecock speeds have reached 332km/h so competitors need razor sharp reflexes to successfully hit it back and forth over a net.

The game is also a major test of fitness and stamina. Despite some similarities with tennis, which is played on a larger court, badminton players cover a greater distance during a match. They can cover anywhere up to 6km per match due to frequent long rallies.

At the top level, players use a combination of power and skill to win points. The overhead smash may be the crowd pleaser, but this shot can only be set up by more subtle strokes.

The dropshot or netshot is often used, while expert players learn to disguise their strokes to confuse their opponents.

Competition badminton is almost always played in an indoor environment to prevent the wind from affecting the flight of the shuttlecock. Badminton is also enjoyed outdoors, however, played in parks and back gardens all over the world.