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Softball pitcher about to throw Softball is a variant of baseball played with a larger ball on a smaller field

Fastpitch softball, a variant of baseball played with a larger ball on a smaller field, is an outdoor game played on a pitch called a diamond. Softball is a sport played exclusively by women at the 15th Asian Games.

A softball game consists of two teams that alternate batting and fielding. A team consists of nine players.

The fielding team pitches the ball and wears large leather gloves to assist in catching. The batting team take turns hitting the ball with a wooden or aluminium bat. Bases are laid out in a diamond pattern on the field: first, second, third and home plate.

From the centre of the diamond, a pitcher throws the softball underarm (at a "softer" pace than baseball) towards the batter, who is standing next to the home plate.

The object of the game for the batting team is to hit the ball in 'fair' ground and advance from base to base to score runs. The object of the game for the fielding team is to 'catch out' or run out the batter to give their team players a chance to bat.

At the end of seven innings (alternating between batting and fielding), the team with the highest number of runs wins the game.

Softball comes in three varieties: fast-pitch, slow-pitch and modified-pitch.

Slow-pitch is the most popular form of recreational softball, but fast-pitch is the internationally recognised version of the sport.

Six female teams will compete in the 15th Asian Games softball competition.

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