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Sepaktakraw players clash over the net Sepaktakraw
Sepaktakraw players can use their feet, legs, chest, shoulders and head, but not their arms

Sepaktakraw is a highly skilled game, requiring specific techniques in "handling" the ball.

Sepaktakraw is played on a court with a hand-woven ball (takraw) by teams made up of two or three people on each side. Points are scored by hitting the ball above the net and into the court (about the size of a badminton court) as the opposing players attempt to "block".

Kicks, often performed mid-air at shoulder height, form the basis of the game. The word "sepak" is Malay (the game originated in Malaysia) for kick and 'takraw' means woven ball. In sepaktakraw, players are not allowed to use their hands. They can use the feet, legs, shoulders and head to keep the ball in play. Players routinely spike the ball, turning acrobatic somersault movements or bicycle kicks in mid-air to keep the ball in play.

In its early days, the idea of the game evolved by juggling a rattan ball in the air for as long as possible without using hands or arms. When the game was formalised, with opposing teams divided by a net, players developed the dazzling display of acrobatic twists, turns and body swerves that make the modern game a thrill to watch.

Did you know?

"In 1984, a Thai inventor revolutionised the sport with the introduction of a synthetic sepaktakraw ball to replace the traditional rattan ball. The new high-tech synthetic balls gave the game a much-needed boost, setting the stage for sepaktakraw to spread around the world."