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Karate - Rules

Competition area during karate  Karate - Rules
Karate: a match in full flow

At the 15th Asian Games, the karate competition will comprise the following events:


Kata individual: Kumite -55kg; Kumite -60kg; Kumite -65kg; Kumite -70kg; Kumite -75kg; Kumite -80kg; Kumite +80kg.


Kata Individual: Kumite -48kg; Kumite -53kg; Kumite -60kg; Kumite +60kg.

Each Olympic Committee of Asia (OCA) member may enter one male and one female contestant for the individual kata competition. Each contestant performs a compulsory shitei routine and a free selection or tokui of their choice. This contestant can also take part in the individual kumite competition.

Kumite is a sparring event. During this sparring event competitors can hit their opponent's torso and sometimes light touches of the head are allowed. Otherwise controlled attacks must be carried out.

Judges award points depending on the move performed. For example, hitting an opponent's abdomen with your fists earns one point, whereas kicking them with your feet earns two points.

Judges give points for individual performances, with the highest and lowest score discarded before a result is announced.