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Judo - Rules

Judo competitors falling to floor  Judo - Rules
Floored: judo matches are decided by points for throws

At the 15th Asian Games, the judo competition will consist of 14 events, seven for men and seven for women.

System of Competition

The system of competition will be the elimination system with double repechage. This means that for all categories, contestants are divided into two tables: Table A and Table B, by means of a draw. An elimination system will be used to produce two finalists.

All contestants defeated by the group winners of A1, A2, B1 and B2 will take part in the repechage of their respective pools, according to the elimination system. Their final contest is against the loser of the final of each respective other table.

The two winners of those contests are placed third; the two losers are placed fifth. The losers of the final repechage contests are placed seventh. The winners of Table A and Table B will fight off for the gold and silver medals.

Duration of Contest

The duration of the contests will be five minutes for both men and women (actual time) in accordance with the JUA Sports and Organisation Rules (SOR) and IJF Refereeing Rules.


When the time allocated for the contest ends and there is no score, or the scores for each contestant are equal, the result of the contest shall be decided by a "golden score". The time clock shall be reset, as if for a new contest. The first score or the first penalty awarded shall decide the contest, which ends immediately.

If the "golden score" extension contest goes the full duration without a score or penalty, the referee and judges must have assessed which contestant they consider to be the winner, taking into account any recognisable difference in the competitors' attitude during the contest or in the skill and effectiveness of techniques.

The referee shall add his opinion to that indicated by the two judges and shall declare the result according to the majority of all three opinions.

Judo - Animation

Two people, a fighting area and hand to hand combat. Judo is about as simple a combat sport as you can envision. Our animation gives you information on the fighting area and what the judoka wear.