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Hockey - Rules

Hockey players chase ball  Hockey - Rules
The ball must not be raised off the ground in a dangerous manner

Hockey is played on a field, frequently referred to as the "pitch". The field is a rectangular area measuring 91.4m length by 55m width. The longer sides are the "side lines" and the shorter ones are the "back lines", or "goal lines".

Goal posts are placed at both ends of the field, in the middle of the back line. Semi-circular lines run from the back line and mark out the area of the shooting circle, the area in which goals are scored.

A match consists of two periods of 35 minutes with a short half-time break of about five to 10 minutes. If there is an even score, or tie at the end of regulation time, two extra time periods of seven-and-a-half minutes each can be played.

The first team to score a goal during this time is the winner and the game stops. This is called the golden goal rule. If there is still a tie at the end of extra time, penalty strokes will decide a winner.

At the 15th Asian Games, the hockey competition will be conducted in accordance with the rules and tournament regulations of the International Hockey Federation.

The men's competition will contain 10 teams of 16 players, while the women's event will have eight teams of 16 players.

There will be two men's and two women's pools with three points awarded for winning a match, one point for teams that draw and zero points to a losing team. The top two teams from each pool will take part in the semi-finals.

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