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Equestrian - Rules

Male equestrian competitor about to take a jump  Equestrian - Rules An equestrian competitor prepares his horse for a jump

The equestrian competition at the 15th Asian Games will be conducted in accordance with the Rules of the Federation Equestre Internationale, as follows:


Both individual and team dressage events feature at the 15th Asian Games. In the individual event, a National Olympic Committee may enter no more than two competitors, while a maximum of four competitors and four horses are allowed to compete in the team event. The sum of the percentage scores of the three best riders from each team decides the classification in the team competition.

Judges award scores to a competitor by evaluating how well the horse executes the moves.


The three eventing phases are marked individually and then totalled at the end of the three-day competition.

In the dressage test, each competitor's marks are converted into penalty points. These results are then brought into the cross-country event where a competitor can receive penalties for hitting fences (faults) and exceeding the allowed time.

Finally, in the jumping test, riders again receive penalties for faults at obstacles and time penalties. The three scores are then totalled and the individual or team with the least amount of penalty points wins.

A team result is calculated by adding together the final scores of the three highest-placed competitors of each team.


The team jumping competition takes place in the first and second qualifying rounds, with the score from the best three riders providing the overall team score. Two jumpers from each team will then be allowed to compete in the individual competition, although the number of places is limited to the best 20 riders.

Penalties are incurred if a horse refuses a jump or knocks down a rail, and if time limits are exceeded.

The winner is the competitor with the lowest number of faults and the fastest time, if that applies.

Equestrian - Animation

Foxed by the fences in the show jumping arena? Our animation shows you the vital statistics of each one. How high is the wall or what is the spread of the water jump? Get the information by using the buttons by each fence.