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Sunday, 11 February 2007 06:26

Soft Tennis - History

Mixed double play soft tennis
The International Soft Tennis Federation was established in 1973 in Southeast Asia

At the end of the 19th century, tennis was introduced to Japan by a western missionary, and was later modified for the Asian physique.

A special racquet and ball were developed and the game became known as soft tennis.

In 1973, the International Soft Tennis Federation was established, with the first world championships following in 1975. Since then, the championships have been held every four years, with players from almost 40 countries taking part.

Korean and Japanese players tend to dominate, although interest in the game in countries such as China and Mongolia is increasing and the first Asian Soft Tennis Championships were held in 1988.

Interest in the game in the United States, the Dominican Republic, Canada and Hungary is increasing and players from these countries feature in the world rankings.

Soft tennis was introduced to the Asian Games programme as an exhibition game in 1990 and became an official sport four years later at the 1994 Asian Games held in Hiroshima, Japan.