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Ivona ( Age: 21 )
Ivona.jpg Picture MSN (deactivate)
MSN (deactivate)
i just found this page and it seems perfect to me.. i hope i will meet many new friends here... just add me... no matter boys or girls..

Bolivia MSN (deactivate)
Ivona Femail Single
Hits: 1967
2008-06-26 08:57:22
LeeMouA ( Age: 22 )
Picture_034.jpg Picture MSN (deactivate)
MSN (deactivate)
Hi everyone i want somebody to be my friend for help me to practice my english language i like music playing football and swiming I'm waiting for your adding see you soon..

Thailand MSN (deactivate)
LeeMouA Man
Hits: 1469
2008-06-26 01:53:44
Michaela Sercombe ( Age: 18 )
Michaela_Sercombe.jpg Picture MSN (deactivate)
MSN (deactivate)
I love my music only good stuff tho HARDCORE brilliant and films well dnt really stay in nd watch films but green street best film

United States MSN (deactivate)
Michaela Sercombe Femail Single
Hits: 1544
2008-06-24 04:28:26
stoutgat ( Age: 19 )
stoutgat.jpg Picture MSN (deactivate)
MSN (deactivate)
Hey there,me and my colleague are chatting away on the works msn,contact us,lets have a leka chat,we have a webcam 2.

South Africa MSN (deactivate)
stoutgat Man
Hits: 1468
2008-06-23 15:15:23
bluelove ( Age: 23 )
bluelove.jpg Picture MSN (deactivate)
MSN (deactivate)
Hi girls! if u wanna talk to a hot guy then add me ;) feel free to talk about everything, and if u have questions about anything I can help ya!

Tunisia MSN (deactivate)
bluelove Man
Hits: 1489
2008-06-23 11:14:51
Blondee ( Age: 23 )
Blondee.jpg Picture MSN (deactivate)
MSN (deactivate)
i guess this is where i tell you all about me. Well here goes i am on here looking for that special guy or girl yes i am a bi-***ual

Slovenia MSN (deactivate)
Blondee Femail Single
Hits: 1922
2008-06-23 11:12:59
Unknown Girl ( Age: 19 )
Unknown_Girl.jpg Picture MSN (deactivate)
MSN (deactivate)
Anyone who speak english can add me on messenger. If you have anything xxx in mind don't even think of adding me. Rest are welcome.

Denmark MSN (deactivate)
Unknown Girl Femail Single
Hits: 1956
2008-06-23 11:10:18
george ( Age: 16 )
george.jpg Picture MSN (deactivate)
MSN (deactivate)
elo elo, im 16 and from es***, urm play the drums and guitar in a band and jst lyk goin out wiv me mates and stuff, if ya wna chat u know were i am :)

United Kingdom MSN (deactivate)
george Man
Hits: 1601
2008-06-23 11:08:32
adz ( Age: 18 )
adz.jpg Picture MSN (deactivate)
MSN (deactivate)
hi im adam but i like adz beta im aussie and i like surfing clubbing drinkin add mi nice girls hahahaha we can talk or wateva uno hahaha

Australia MSN (deactivate)
adz Man
Hits: 1581
2008-06-23 11:04:32
tigerz ( Age: 13 )
tigerz.jpg Picture MSN (deactivate)
MSN (deactivate)
hi plz only girls i dont mind if 10-15 if you have a cam we can c each other xxxx or jus b mates add me but any gal [got cam def add me]

United Kingdom MSN (deactivate)
tigerz Man
Hits: 1262
2008-06-23 10:59:57
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