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Thursday, 04 January 2007 06:56

Kabaddi - History

Old black and white kabbadi photo  Kabaddi - History
Kabaddi is 4,000 years old and developed in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu

Kabaddi dates back to pre-historic times, being used to ward off attacks by individuals and vice-versa. The game was popular in southern Asia, played in different forms under different names.

The game, known as hu-tu-tu in western India, ha-do-do in eastern India and Bangladesh, chedugudu in southern India and kaunbada in northern India, has undergone a sea change through the ages. Modern kabaddi is a synthesis of the game played in its various forms under different names.

The Kabaddi Federation of India (KFI) was founded in 1950, establishing standard rules and regulations for the game. The first Asian Kabaddi Championship was held in 1980.

The first World Kabaddi Championship (Circle Style) in the history of the game was organised in Hamilton, Canada, when about 14,000 spectators gathered to watch stars from India, Pakistan, Canada, England and the US compete.

The first recognised World Cup in kabaddi as per Asian Amateur Kabaddi Federation (AAKF) and Olympic Council of Asia (OCA) norms was organised at Mumbai, India, in 2004.

Kabaddi was first included as a competitive sport at the Asian Games in Beijing, in 1990.


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