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Thursday, 04 January 2007 06:11

Fencing - Rules

Fencers in competition  Fencing - Rules
Fencers' clothing and foils are wired to an electronic system that indicates if a hit is scored

Fencing competitions at the 15th Asian Games will adhere to the current rules as set by the Federation Internationale D'Escrime (FIE).

Bouts are held on a 14m by 1.5m piste. Through wires and special clothing, fencers are connected to an electronic scoring system that indicates if a hit has occurred. The referee and audience can see if a point has been scored by a set of lights.

In the foil competition, fencers can only score points by hitting the opponent's torso with their weapon. In the sabre event, a fencer scores points by hitting any part of the body from the waist up except the hands.

Both the foil and sabre events use the practice of priority, which means if both combatants hit each other more or less simultaneously, the fencer who started the attack will win the point. If the referee can not determine priority, no points will be awarded.

The epee weapon is the heaviest of the three and can be compared to an old court sword. Therefore, the fight is slower and more tactical. An epee competitor can hit any part of the body and if two hits are recorded within 40 milliseconds of each other a double hit will be recorded with both fencers earning a point.

The effective duration of a bout is:

Pools - 5 hits, maximum 3 minutes

Elimination - 15 hits, maximum 9 minutes

Team - 3 minutes for each bout.

Teams consist of three fencers, and each duels every member of the opposing team.


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