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Tuesday, 02 January 2007 06:26

Equestrian - History

B&W equestrian in jump  Equestrian - History
Equestrian events have been on the Olympic programme since 1900

Man and horse have long shared a special relationship and man has trained and worked with these beautiful animals for many centuries.

Dressage developed as a method of training horses for war, teaching them precise movements. There is some evidence that dressage-type manoeuvres were developed by the ancient Greeks. Modern dressage began during the Renaissance when Federico Grisone founded a riding academy in Naples in 1532.

Eventing began as a test for a cavalry horse. Military horses were required to travel long distances, negotiate many natural obstacles, and then perform strict parade manoeuvres.

Modern jumping events are based on the foxhunting tradition. Competitions for horses were first organised in the 19th century in Ireland, while the modern jumping techniques we see today were developed by the Italian Federico Caprilli, considered the "father of modern riding".

Equestrian events have been on the Olympic programme since 1900, when jumping contests were held in Paris. They next appeared in Stockholm in 1912 and have been a part of the Olympic Games since.

The Asian Games embraced equestrian sport at the 9th Asian Games in Dehli, India in 1982 and it has been a regular part of the Asian Games programme since the 12th Asian Games in Hiroshima, Japan in 1994.


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