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Tuesday, 02 January 2007 06:21

Diving - Rules

Diver in air  Diving - Rules
A diver showing perfect form

At the 15th Asian Games Doha 2006 there are five events each for men and women, comprising the 1m springboard individual event and 3m springboard and 10m platform in both individual and synchronised formats.

Divers must perform a set number of dives which they have stated they will perform beforehand, including somersaults and twists in various directions either as straight, pikes, tucks or free dives (any combination of the others).

Divers are judged on whether and how well they completed all aspects of the dive, the conformance of their body to the requirements of the nominated dive, and the amount of splash created by their entry to the water (less being better).

A perfect entry, with no splash, is called a "rip," after the loud tearing or clapping sound it creates (as well as the sometimes painful bursting feeling on the hands of the diver).

Theoretically, a score out of 10 is supposed to be broken down into three points for the takeoff, three for the flight, and three for the entry, with one more available to give the judges flexibility. However, since judges must give their scores instantaneously, they base their scores more on a gut instinct and overall impression than actual calculations. The scores range from zero (completely failed) to 8.5-10 (very good).

Various penalties apply, for instance a springboard take-off must be from both feet to avoid failing and a maximum of only two points can be awarded for a dive in a position other than that announced.

Diving - Animation

Unsure of the difference between diving from a springboard or a platform? Take a leap into our animation to find out more. In-depth information will provide you with dimensions of both diving platforms as well as competition rules and judging criteria.


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