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Tuesday, 02 January 2007 06:02

Canoe-Kayak - History

Paddling at dusk  Canoe-Kayak - History
Canoeing was first contested at the Olympics in 1936

Canoes and kayaks began their history as a simple, practical method of transport on coastal and inland waterways. The two main types developed were open-topped canoes, used in warmer climates such as North and South America and the South Pacific, and closed-topped kayaks, developed by the Aleuts and Inuit in the Arctic.

The Royal Canoe Club of London was formed as the first canoe-kayak sporting organisation in 1866. The New York Canoe Club was established five years later.

Canoeing first featured in the Olympics as a demonstration sport at the Paris Games in 1924. It became a full medal sport at Berlin in 1936 with both canoe and kayak events. Women first entered the sport, competing only in kayaking, at

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