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Tuesday, 02 January 2007 06:01

Canoe-Kayak - Rules

Kayak boat race  Canoe-Kayak - Rules
Competitors must leave at least five metres between their boat and their closest opponent

The 15th Asian Games features 10 canoe-kayak events: eight for men and two for women.

Men compete in singles and doubles in both canoe and kayak over 500m and 1,000m. Women compete in kayak singles and doubles only, over 500m.

At the start line, all boats must be perfectly aligned. If a competitor crosses the line before the signal, it counts as a false start. Two false starts result in elimination. Competitors must stay centred within their lanes as much as possible. If the canoe or kayak capsizes, they must get back in without assistance, or they will be disqualified.

The first boat whose bow crosses the finish line with all its crew on board is the winner.

Canoe-Kayak - Animation

Pitting competitors against the clock along a flat water course, these events are an extreme test for athletes. Don't be submerged in the rules of the sport, just follow our animation to discover all the essential information.


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