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Tuesday, 02 January 2007 01:46

Boxing - History

Boxer flexing muscles  Boxing - History
Modern boxing originates from bare knuckle bouts in the late 17th century England

Boxing dates back to antiquity. There is evidence of boxing in North Africa as far back as 4000BC with signs it was practiced in Egypt around 3000BC. Boxing was introduced to the Olympic Games by the Greeks in 688BC.

In 1867, amateur championships were held in London under Marquess of Queensberry Rules for lightweights, middleweights and heavyweights. In Britain, the Amateur Boxing Association (ABA) was formed in 1880.

Eleven gold medals are at stake in the 15th Asian Games in Doha, one in each of 11 weight categories. Two bronze medals are awarded in every class, so beaten boxers don't have to fight again in a medal play-off bout.

Boxing has been a competitive event since the 2nd Asian Games in Manila, Philippines, in 1954.


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