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Tuesday, 02 January 2007 01:44

Boxing - Rules

Boxing ring corner  Boxing - Rules
Amateur boxing bouts are fought over four two-minute rounds

The men's boxing competition will comprise the following events in the 15th Asian Games:

  • Light Fly Weight (48kg)
  • Fly Weight (51kg)
  • Bantam Weight (54kg)
  • Feather Weight (57kg)
  • Light Weight (60kg)
  • Light Welter Weight (64kg)
  • Welter Weight (69kg)
  • Middle Weight (75kg)
  • Light Heavy Weight (81kg)
  • Heavy Weight (91kg)
  • Super Heavy Weight (+91kg)

Each bout will be four two-minute rounds each, with a









one minute interval between rounds. A referee in the ring ensures that the boxers only use legal blows. The referee also separates the fighters when they are holding on to each other. Repeated holding from one fighter could result in a warning and, eventually, disqualification.

Points are awarded by five judges, who each push a button when they believe one fighter has landed a clean punch with the white area marked on the front of his glove.

If three of the five judges all push the same fighter's button within one second then he is awarded a point. The referee can take a point away at his discretion for persistent rule-breaking.

The fighter with most points at the end of four rounds is declared the winner. It is possible to win early by moving more than 20 points ahead, knocking your opponent out, or if the referee decides that the opponent is too badly injured or outclassed to continue.

Boxing - Animation

Often viewed as a rugged sport, boxing involves great skill and technique. Use our animation to get a ringside view of the bouts and how fighters score points.


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