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Tuesday, 02 January 2007 01:33


Male bodybuilder posing  Bodybuilding
Bodybuilders hold series of poses to display the tone and shape of their muscles

Bodybuilding is the art of sculpting a balanced and muscular body through resistance training, diet and rest. At a competitive level it is all about impressing a panel of judges, who are looking for the most aesthetically pleasing and balanced physique.

Bodybuilding competitors perform a series of well-practised poses designed to show off their physique to best effect. A good pose can make the difference between winning and losing. Body builders are required to perform seven compulsory poses: front double-biceps, front lat-spread, side chest, back double biceps, back lat-spread, side triceps, and abs and thighs.

Unlike weightlifting, strength has no relevance to bodybuilding. The judges are only looking for the competitor with the best overall size and shape, with emphasis on four categories: muscularity, definition, proportion and symmetry.

Spectators eagerly await the final posedown, with the top competitors sharing the stage for the final time before the results are announced. The posedown has no relevance in the final scores. It is simply a chance for the bodybuilders to offer one final performance for the often fascinated and enthralled audience.

Famous former bodybuilders include Charles Atlas, Steve Reeves, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Lou Ferrigno.

Eight gold medals are at stake in the 15th Asian Games in Doha, in men's weight categories from 60kg upwards.


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