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Tuesday, 02 January 2007 01:30

Beach Volleyball - Rules

Female player keeping the ball alive  Beach Volleyball - Rules
The object is to send or 'volley' the ball over the net and score the most points

The rules are almost identical to those of conventional indoor volleyball, with some exceptions including:

  • Each half of the court measures 8 by 8 metres, not 9 by 9 as in indoor volleyball.
  • Overhand finger passes are called very tightly when receiving or attacking. Unless executed very cleanly and square to the shoulders, they are ruled illegal. The exception is receiving a hard smash.
  • The standard for double hits when using overhand finger passes and hand sets is much stricter than in indoor volleyball.
  • The block always counts as the first contact.
  • The disallowance of the dink play where a player uses their finger tips to redirect the ball into the opponent's court instead of a hard spike.

It is legal to cross under the net as long as doing so does not interfere with the opponents' attempt to play the ball. One of the unique facets of beach volleyball is the use of hand signals by players to indicate to their partner what sort of play they intend to make.

Beach Volleyball - Animation

Want to discover more about setting up for a spike or defending the net? Avoid being blocked with our easy to use animation, serving up a wealth of information including rules of the sport and court dimensions.


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