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Tuesday, 02 January 2007 01:23

Female basketball player contest ball  Basketball - Rules

  Teams score points by dropping the ball through their opponents' basket

The international game is played on a court measuring 28m long by 15m wide, with a basket at each end, positioned 3.05m high and 1.2m inside the endline. Teams score by dropping the ball through their opponents' basket; scoring two points, or three points for a long range throw made from outside a 6.25m arc.

The game consists of four periods of 10 minutes. There are intervals of two minutes between the first and the second period (first half), between the third and fourth period (second half) and before each extra period.

The half-time interval lasts 15 minutes. In the event of a tie, five minutes overtime is played.

Players can move the ball forward by passing, shooting or dribbling (bouncing the ball when running). Kicking or punching the ball is not allowed. Ball carriers can only dribble with their hand on top of the ball, and cannot move both feet at the same time, or catch the ball between dribbles.

Basketball is a non-contact sport and a foul is called when a player physically clashes with an opponent. After a foul, the referee can award a side ball or uncontested free throws to the opposition as a penalty.

Basketball - Animation

Need to know the best way to execute a jump shot from a screen-and-roll play without feeling slam-dunked by unfamiliar terms? Click on our animation to find more detailed information about basketball's jargon, tactics and court dimensions.


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