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Tuesday, 02 January 2007 01:15


Baseball fielding team celebrate  Baseball
In baseball the batter tries to hit a small ball thrown at him by a pitcher

Although baseball is often referred to as "America's national pastime", this bat and ball game is played and enjoyed throughout the world and is expected to be hotly contested at the 15th Asian Games in Doha.

The basic contest is between the pitcher and batter. The pitcher aims to throw the ball past the batter, who attempts to hit the ball as hard as he can (most of the time) with a long, thin rounded bat.

Two teams of nine players take it in turns to bat through nine innings each. The batting side aims to score runs by sending a batsman through four equally spaced bases on the diamond-shaped field of play.

Their opponents aim to end the innings by getting three batsmen out, either by catching, strikeouts or tagging. At the end of nine innings, the team with most runs wins.

The big crowd pleaser is the "home run", a ball hit straight into the stands that can score up to four runs. While the skills of batters and fielders are easy for spectators to appreciate, baseball tactics can take a lifetime to learn.

The baseball competition at the 15th Asian Games in Doha features six men's teams playing in a round robin league.


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