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Tuesday, 02 January 2007 01:01


Middle-distance race in progress
Athletics is split into two main disciplines: track and field events

Athletic events represent sport at its purest and are often the centrepiece of major international sporting games. They are the embodiment of the Olympic motto, Citius, Altuis, Fortius - or Faster, Higher, Stronger - with athletes pushing themselves to the limit against their opponents and the record books.

Athletic events can be split into four main categories: track events, field events, road events and combined events.

Track events are running races that take place on a 400m outdoor track in the main stadium. The sprint races provide instant excitement, but look out for clever tactics and fast finishing in the longer races.

Field events are throwing and jumping competitions that usually take place inside the track. Strength, speed and agility are key, while tactics also come in to play in the jumping events.

Road events are long running and walking races that take place on public roads, although they often finish on the track inside the stadium. The men's and women's marathon races will take place along Doha's city streets and Corniche.

Combined events feature a selection of track and field events that take place over two days and are designed to find the best all-round athlete. As such, the decathlon and heptathlon are two of the most respected gold medals.

Track and field athletes are often the main stars of any major Games, and the 15th Asian Games.


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