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Thursday, 15 February 2007 17:40
Here is a quick overview of how I plan to tackle the task of teaching PHP.  It's very rough, so there will be times when we'll sidestep into a completely different topic.

-installing a local server to test your programs on
--testing it (with simple hello world script, a phpinfo script, and the phpmyadmin program)

-basic PHP
--PHP tags
--inside PHP tags and outside PHP tags, there is a difference and it's what makes PHP good for web development
--comments, there are several ways to insert comments into your code and why to comment your code

-the PHP documentation and how to familiarize yourself with it

-outputting information with print() and echo()

-setting variables with the "=" operator and printing variables
--single and double quotes (escaping characters)

-setting arrays, there are two ways to set arrays in PHP


-control operators, we will discuss the simplest control operators (in my opinion) here

-POST vs. GET with HTML forms

-how the GET method sends its information

-how the POST method sends its information

-predefined variables
--is register_globals on or off?

-functions and why they're important Powver by Parham @ simplemachines.org
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