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Monday, 12 February 2007 06:26

Wrestling - Rules

Male wrestlers in action
A match is judged either on points or by a 'fall'

Wrestling competitions at the 15th Asian Games will consist of the following events:


  • Freestyle - 55kg
  • Freestyle - 60kg
  • Freestyle - 66kg
  • Freestyle - 74kg
  • Freestyle - 84kg
  • Freestyle - 96kg
  • Freestyle - 120kg
  • Greco-Roman - 55kg
  • Greco-Roman - 60kg
  • Greco-Roman - 66kg
  • Greco-Roman - 74kg
  • Greco-Roman - 84kg
  • Greco-Roman - 96kg
  • Greco-Roman - 120kg


  • Freestyle - 48kg
  • Freestyle - 55kg
  • Freestyle - 63kg
  • Freestyle - 72kg

Competition rules for wrestling include:

  • Competitors are paired in order of numbers drawn at random.
  • Competitors are eliminated through a direct elimination system with repechage* for the losers against the opponents competing for first and second places. The ideal number is determined at the beginning of the competition and matches take place in order of the bottom of the draw first.
  • Wrestlers who only lose against the two finalists make up a repechage. The repechage matches begin with wrestlers who lost in the first round (including the matches to obtain the ideal number) against one of the two finalists up to the losers in the semi-finals by direct elimination. Winners of the two repechage matches each receive a bronze medal.

Each weight category will begin and end in a day. Each weigh-in will take place the day before the beginning of the relevant category.

* Repechage: A supplementary heat in a competition that allows runners-up from earlier elimination heats a second chance to go to the final.

Competition will take place in the following manner:

  • Qualification round
  • Elimination round
  • Repechage round
  • Finals

The wrestling area involves a mat with two concentric circles in the middle. The larger circle has a diameter of 9m, while the smaller circle has a 7m diameter and constitutes the "central wrestling area".

The area formed between the smaller and larger circles is the "passive zone", red in colour with a width of 1m.

A match is judged either on points or a "fall" - a move when one wrestler holds his opponent down with his back pinned to the mat for at least two seconds.

The referee acknowledges and registers the fall (having first agreed with the judge or mat chairman) by blowing the whistle and simultaneously striking the mat with his hand.

A match is judged on points if there were no falls during the course of a match. The wrestler who has been allocated the most points is declared winner.

Wrestling - Animation

Need to know the difference between Greco-Roman and freestyle disciplines? Grapple with our animation to discover more about wrestling. It will stop you from being beaten into submission.


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