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Sunday, 11 February 2007 07:56

Triathlon - Rules

Triathletes in the cycling stage
A competitor's official time includes the "transition" between each element of the race

In some races, the bicycle stage does not finish in the same place it began and athletes must set up two transition areas, one for the swim-to-bike transition and another for the bike-to-run transition.

After transitions are set up, the athletes head to the water - usually a lake, river or the sea - for the start of the race. The race is marked by a series of floating buoys. Depending on the type and size of the race, the triathletes will either set off together in a "mass start" or in "waves" - groups usually organised by age and separated by a few minutes.

After the swim, competitors run out of the water to the transition area, and mount their bikes. Helmets and cycling shoes are worn.

A good swim will help ensure the competitor gains a strong lead amongst the first group of cyclists and the initial performance can weigh heavily in the final outcome of the race.

After the cycling leg, competitors dismount their bikes in the transition area and change into running shoes for the run, the final leg of the race.

Triathlons are timed in sections:

  • from the start of the swim to the beginning of the first transition;
  • from the beginning of the first transition to the end of the second transition;
  • finally at the end of the run, at which time the triathlon is completed.

Triathlon - Animation

Triathlon combines swimming, cycling and running to make one great sport. Cross-train in each of the three disciplines using our animation.


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