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Sunday, 11 February 2007 07:45

Trampoline - Rules

Female trampolinist from above Gymnasts perform two routines. The top eight reach the final

Competitive trampoline moves usually consist of combinations of rotation, and take-off and landing in one of four positions:

  • Feet
  • Seat
  • Front
  • Back

Competitions usually consist of two or three routines, one of which may involve a compulsory set of skills. The skills consist of various combinations of somersaults and twists performed in various body positions such as the tuck, pike or straight position.

The routines are performed on a standard, regulation sized trampoline with a central marker. Each routine consists of the athlete performing ten different skills. The routine is marked out of ten by five judges with deductions for incomplete moves, moving too far from the centre mark or poor form. Usually the highest and lowest scores are discarded. Additional points can be added depending on the difficulty of the skills being performed. The degree of difficulty (DD or tariff) is calculated by adding a factor for each quarter turn or somersault. The highest DD usually attempted in competitions is about 16.5. However in 2004, Jason Burnett from Skyriders Trampoline Place in Canada completed a routine with a DD of 18.5.

In synchronized trampolining, two athletes perform exactly the same routine of ten skills at the same time on two adjacent trampolines

Trampoline - Animation

One of the most graceful of sports, trampoline unites artistry with athleticism. Bounce into our animation for a closer look at the equipment used and the sport itself.


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