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Sunday, 11 February 2007 07:23

Taekwondo - Rules

Taekwondo fighters jump off ground to attack each other
 Bouts are decided by points: two for a successful attack to the head, one to the body

The competition area comprises two contest areas measuring 14m x 14m each, including the attention area, covered with an elastic mat, installed on a podium 0.5m high.

All contestants must wear a taekwondo uniform (dobok) and protectors recognised by the WTF. Before entering the contest area, contestants should be wearing the following:

  • trunk protector
  • head protector
  • forearm and shin guards (inside the taekwondo uniform)
  • mouthpiece
  • groin guard as required (inside the taekwondo uniform)

Fist movements are allowed with a closed hand only, while only the parts of the foot below the ankle bone are permitted in kicking techniques.

Attack by fist and foot techniques on the areas covered by the trunk protector are permitted. Attacks on the part of the back not covered by the trunk protector are prohibited. Only foot attacks to the head are allowed.

Points are awarded when permitted techniques are delivered accurately and powerfully to the legal scoring areas of the body. A successful attack on the head is worth two points; an attack on the trunk gets one point, with one additional point if the opponent is knocked down.

Evading by turning the back to the opponent, falling down, avoiding/stalling the match, grabbing, holding or pushing, attacking below the waist, pretending injury, butting or attacking with the knee and hitting the opponent's face with the hand are all banned and result in penalty points.

Taekwondo - Animation

Originating in Korea, taekwondo is all about combat using the feet and hands. Fast, exciting and highly skilled, taekwondo fighters punch, chop and kick their way to victory. Our animation shows the protective equipment worn by each combatant and the competition arena.


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