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Sunday, 11 February 2007 07:11

Table Tennit

Female table tennis player in full flow
A fast-paced sport where players hit a lightweight ball back and forth with small bats

Table tennis, or ping pong as the recreational game is called, is a popular sport enjoyed worldwide.

Table tennis is played between two players (singles) and four players (doubles). Players stand on either side of a green rectangular table and hit a special lightweight ball back and forth using small rackets or paddles.

The smash, with the ball capable of reaching a speed of 120km/h, is one of the most spectacular shots, but equally important is the ability to spin and to defend. Attacking shots include the loop drive and the flip. Defensive shots include the slice, lob, block and chop.

Play is fast and table tennis demands quick reaction times and speed. A skilled player can use spin to make the ball's bounce difficult to predict or return with confidence. Spin combined with speed makes table tennis an exciting sport to watch and to play.


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