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Sunday, 11 February 2007 07:07

Synchronised Swimming - Rules

Two person synchronised swimming team
Synchronised swimmers perform their movements in time with the music and each other

Competitors will compete in duet and team events with each consisting of a technical and free routine. In the technical routine competitors must perform a set of 10 required elements in a set order over 2 minutes and 50 seconds (plus or minus 15 seconds).

The Free routine allows more choice of figures from a defined list as well as a free choice of music and choreography over 4 minutes (plus or minus 15 seconds).

Each competitor is marked from zero (completely failed) to 10 (perfect) in 0.1 increments for each figure. The final scores for both competitors (in duets) or all team members are added and then divided by the number of swimmers to give an average score.

Competitors are marked on design (accuracy of positions and transitions between them) and control (extension, height, stability, clarity and uniform motion).

Competitors are docked two points if they stop voluntarily and ask to start a figure again or if they do not properly perform a required figure. They will be allowed to perform the figure again but score zero for the figure if they make another mistake.

The final score for each duet or team is the combined score of technical and free routines.

Protests and appeals shall be resolved under FINA rules.

Synchronised Swimming - Animation

How do synchronised swimmers stay upside down underwater for so long

while keeping in time with their chosen music? Take a deep breath before plunging into our animation that will take you through the rules of synchronised swimming and how judges make their final decisions.


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