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Monday, 01 January 2007 23:34


Female archer takes aim
There are two main types of bow in modern archery - recurve and compound

Archery is a target sport that requires great powers of concentration and technique. Using a bow and arrow, the aim is to shoot the target with points awarded for accuracy.

It is a sport that requires a surprising amount of strength and stamina. Modern arrows can fly at more than 240kph. There are two main types of modern bow: the recurve and the compound.

The compound bow, with its system of pulleys, makes the string far easier to draw, while the traditional recurve design makes it more difficult to aim accurately. Only the recurve bow is allowed at the major tournaments such as the Olympics and the Asian Games.

Targets are marked with 10 concentric rings, which score from 1 to 10; the nearer the arrow to the middle, the greater the score.

Asian countries are currently the best in the world at shooting the recurve bow, with Korea consistently achieving medals at Olympics and world championships, and India making strong perfomances.

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