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Shooting - Rules

Man takes aim in shooting competition  Shooting - Rules
Moving target: a competitor takes aim

Shooting competitions in Olympic events consist of two stages: qualification and final.

The 50m rifle and pistol shooting events depend upon weather conditions. When there is a large number of participants, the competition must be conducted in three stages.

The number of participants in the finals varies between six and eight. The final relay is shorter than the qualification: 10 shots for rifle and pistol or one round of 25 shots for shotgun.

Scoring may also differ in the finals: double shots are not allowed in the trap and points are taken to the first decimal place in precision events.

In case of equal scores after the final, the judges will conduct a shoot-off. Shooters have to continue shooting until a winner is determined.

In the clay target shotgun event, the competition target should be visibly broken and it is the referee's duty to determine this. In precision shooting, targets with printed scoring rings are used.

There are three types of firearms used in the shooting sports:

Pistol or handgun - usually a small firearm that can be used with one hand. The three common types of pistols are single-shot pistols, revolvers and automatic pistols.

Rifle - a firearm that uses a spiral groove cut into the barrel to spin a bullet, improving accuracy and range of shooting.

Shotgun - a firearm typically used to fire a number of small spherical shots from a smoothbore barrel of relatively (to rifles) large diameter.


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