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Sunday, 07 January 2007 00:06

Sepaktakraw - History

A spectacular overhead kick  Sepaktakraw - History
Sepaktakraw made its Asian Games debut in 1990 games at Beijing, China

The game developed from "sepak raga", played in the Malay states in the 15th century. Players stood in a circle kicking a 'raga' to keep it in the air for as long as possible without using their hands.

Variations of the game have been played in other south-east Asian countries and sepaktakraw games were recorded in the cultures of south-east Asian nations as early as in the 11th century.

It was called takraw in Thailand, sipa in the Philippines, sepakraga in Malaysia, Singapore and Brunei, ching loong in Myanmar, rago in Indonesia and kator in Laos.

Sepaktakraw came about when enthusiasts in south-east Asia added a net and a set of rules similar to volleyball to make the game more challenging and competitive.

An exhibition match was held in Penang, Malaysia in 1945 where it received a tremendous response and the game spread like wildfire throughout the rest of the Malaysian peninsula and south-east Asia.

In 1960, a standard set of rules and regulations for the game was established. The sport was renamed 'sepaktakraw' and introduced to the South-east Asian Games (SEA Games) as an official medal event.


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