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Saturday, 06 January 2007 23:57

Sailing - Rules

Sailing boats in competition  Sailing - Rules
Fleet race boats compete at the same time

Sailing competitions are conducted in accordance with the rules of the International Sailing Federation (ISAF) and the technical code of the Asian Sailing Federation.

Technical issues shall be resolved in accordance with the ISAF rules. Cases of a general nature shall be resolved in accordance with OCA constitution and rules.

Competition system

The 15th Asian Games sailing competition will consist of a series of races for each of the 13 events. Events are scheduled over nine competition days, weather permitting.

A race course extends from the start line to the finish line via a series of marks, around which the boats must sail. The course may include multiple rounding of the same mark. The course to be sailed will be detailed in the sailing instructions.

The boats will have four minutes after the start to cross the start line, or else they will be recorded as "did not start" (DNS).

Boats that are on the course side of the start line before the start signal and do not return and re-cross the start line will be noted as "on course side" (OCS) and disqualified.

Scores will be awarded as points based upon the boats' finishing position in each race, one point being assigned to the boat placed first, two to the boat placed second and so on (low point system).

After all the fleet races have been completed, each crew may exclude, depending on the number of races completed, their worst race score. The remaining scores will be totalled.

The lowest scores within an event will decide the medal winners. After each day's racing there is a protest period, in which the sailors or officials may lodge protests.

After this period, protests will be adjudicated in a series of hearings conducted by the international jury. Protests may result in scores adjusted by disqualification (DSQ) or redress (RDG).


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