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Thursday, 04 January 2007 07:03

Rhythmic Gymnastics - Rules

Gymnast with rope  Rhythmic Gymnastics - Rules
The rhythmic gymnastic Code of Points emphasises technical elements on a 20-point scale

In recent years, the Code of Points has been changed to emphasise technical elements and reduce the subjectivity of judging. Before 2001, judging was on a scale of 10, like that of artistic gymnastics. It was changed to a 20-point scale in 2005. There are three values adding up to the final points - technical, artistic and execution.

At the 15th Asian Games Doha 2006, the team final will double as the qualifying for the individual and all-around and apparatus final.

A team may consist of three or four gymnasts. Each team member must perform three exercises on each apparatus, making a total of 12 exercises.

The 24 best gymnasts from the team competition will qualify for the individual competition. Only two gymnasts from each country or region are allowed to take part.

Rhythmic Gymnastics - Animation

Rhythmic gymnasts are some of sport's great performers. Our animation shows the equipment they use as part of their mesmerising routines.

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