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Thursday, 04 January 2007 07:01

Rhythmic Gymnastics

Gymnast with clubs  Rhythmic Gymnastics
Rhythmic gymnastics uses balls, clubs, hoops, ribbons and ropes

Rhythmic gymnastics is a sport in which single competitors, or groups of two or more, manipulate five types of apparatus: ball, clubs, hoop, ribbon and rope. It combines elements of dance with gymnastics, along with the ability to control the apparatus.

The sport incorporates many positions and leaps derived from classical ballet. It grew from the German system of using apparatus work for muscle development, combined with the Swedish system of free exercise for developing rhythm.

Female gymnasts use the different apparatus to perform choreographed routines on the floor to music. Judges award points for leaps, balance, pivots, flexibility, apparatus handling and artistic impression.

Rhythmic gymnastics is largely a sport for women and girls, but a growing number of men participate. The Japanese's version of men's rhythmic gymnastics includes tumbling and is performed on a spring floor. Individuals compete in four types of apparatus: rope, stick, double rings and clubs. Japan hosted the first men's world championships in 2003.

At the 15th Asian Games, four apparatus will be used; rope, ball, clubs and ribbon.


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